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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Space stories

Y5C have been writing descriptive space stories as part of their 'Space Invaders' topic.  Here are a few extracts:

As I entered the barren red planet, my heart pounded and I felt as if some giant hand had knocked every breath from my delicate body.  Looking up from the soft, rocky path, I saw a cluster of flower-like creatures on their own little islands, with what appeared to be the aqua blue ocean in between.  As the myriad of clouds drifted gently, I could feel the fresh air as it tickled my nose.  Just standing there, a beautiful, odd creature came out of the gloomy darkness. Shielding my eyes from the sun rising from the horizon, the smoky mist cleared and I could smell lemon coming out of the strange space probe.  
By Ellie

As the mist cleared, I could see a myriad of sand dunes in the distance.  The crimson-red liquid was endless, with miniature dunes and bioluminescent flower-like objects. The flower-like objects were like amethysts glowing in its true beauty.
By Mackenzie

“Finally, the day to launch our shuttle!” exclaimed Captain Roger. “Michael, tell the astronauts to get ready,” he continued.
“Roger that,” he responded…”Suit up boys!” Michael commanded.
“Yes sir!” the astronauts replied.
The astronauts walked on a platform which led them to the shuttle named ‘AstroSpace’.  Looking down they could see their apprehensive wives weeping.  They carried on walking. As soon as they got inside the shuttle they were strapped in place by Daniel, their instructor.
“The rocket will launch in 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..LIFT OFF!” Captain Roger shouted.  The rockets engines spewed fire and left.
By Caitlin

The alien's head was shaped like a dustbin. His claws were like bananas in shape and length, but steel in strength.  It had teeth like pointed knives.  He had eyes that were glittering and sparkled like tiny gems.
By Ridah

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