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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Year Six revision

The year sixes have been trying their hand at mindmaps to help them remember all they need for their Science SAT in May.

St Joseph's got talent!

A group of year six girls, (Katie, April, Georgia, Ellie, Priya, Chelsea, Lauren and Cassie) organised a talent show called Baby D’s for YR 1 up to YR 4.

There were three judges: Georgia, April and Ellie who decided who would come third, second and first. There were hosts: Katie and Chelsea and at the end, while the judges were deciding the winners, there were four dancers, Priya, Lauren, Katie and Cassie.

YR 1 UP TO YR 4 were an amazing audience. All the contestants were brilliant, but there could only be three winners.
The winners were: in third place Mia and Ruby, in second place was Laura and the over all winners were Sarah and Leigh.

Well done to Baby D for organising the talent contest and all those who took part.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Arty - Fact Theatre

Yesterday we had a performance from the Arty-fact theatre company.

The performance of 'Eureka! Archimedes' Big Splash' presented lots of numeracy and cross curricular learning. It was an enjoyable performance with the children interacting with the characters throughout.

Walk on Wednesdays

A big well done to everyone who has got their name on the 'Walk on Wednesdays' display in the hall.

Walk on Wednesdays is changing. We want to see how far away from St. Joseph's School Wesley can walk by the end of Term 6.

Every child who walks to school at least once a week will move Wesley a quarter of a mile further on his journey.

How far do you think he can go?

Can we get him to John O'Groats?

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

St Joseph's challenges

Congratulations to those children who completed last term's challenges and received prizes. This term's exciting challenges are now available on our challenge website

Closing date
Tuesday 3rd June 2008.

This term's challenges include:

  • A Bristol Art competition
  • An Indiana Jones writing competition
  • Maths & Science challenges
  • KS1 only challenges
  • Lots of web challenges

Good Luck!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Holiday homework for Year 6

The following letter was received on behalf of Y6J:

Dear Mrs Joseph,

I am writing to try and change your mind about giving out homework for the spring break.
All children need an equal balance of work, rest and play. We do our work at school. In the holidays we get our valuable rest and play. If we have homework, we will come back to school after a ‘holiday’ when we work everyday. That would mean we would be bored of work, which is very bad for the SATs term. Surely you want us to do well in our SATs?
My second reason is that it would take up more of your precious free time, to set homework and then mark it. As you already have a lot of marking and work-setting to do, maybe it is better to leave the homework for the half-term?
If I still haven’t changed your mind, then hopefully my third point will. In the holidays, people go out or away, and they don’t have any time to do homework. When ten or so people come in without their homework, you will just spend lesson time telling them off and getting angry. Why not just skip the annoyance by leaving the homework?
Lastly, all the year sixes need a break from the high level of SATs studying. If we don’t get a break we might explode! If we get no break, nerves will mix with no-break tempers, and friendships and learning will be in the firing line.
I hope this letter helps you to rethink your decision.
Yours sincerely,


Well, you have convinced me, Becky. so what should we do? We wish you a good break and hope this is a good compromise:
Use any spare time to go over your revision booklets and revise your times tables etc
Use the list of websites you were given to make revision fun
Spend NO MORE THAN half an hour a day (or an hour every other day, or any other combination) on school work

This should mean that we can all have a lovely spring break and I look forward to seeing you again on 22nd April.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Vive le francais

This term, KS2 pupils have been learning how to name and describe different parts of the body, in French. Some pupils learned to sing,'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' but in french! Here are the words; see if you can sing it too.

Tete, epaules, genoux, pieds,
genoux, pieds,
Tete, epaules, genoux, pieds,
genoux, pieds,
et les oreilles, les yeux, la bouche et le nez.
Tete, epaules, genoux, pieds,
genoux, pieds.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Y1/2 Acrostic Poems

This week Mr Sherwin's and Mrs Ford's classes have been basing all their work on the story of the very hungry caterpillar. On Wednesday they made up some great acrostic poems. Here is an example:

Creepy crawly
Tighny caterpillar
Eater beater
Rams food down
Pritty butefly
Lovely butefly
Long legs
Amazing maker
Recelece caterpillar
By Eve and Oliver

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Lovely Easter Story by Samantha

Improving Writers

Well done King, Cole and Micah for working so hard to improve your writing.

Year 6 Learners Awarded by Bristol Rovers

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A day not to forget!

Early this morning Y5/6C was involved in a science lesson which went badly wrong.

It is believed that the class was undertaking an experiment which sparked a mini explosion. This explosion unfortunately destroyed a projector, adding fuel to the fire. The blast also caused many school items such as pens, pencil cases and Nintendo Wii’s to fire out across the classroom. As a result many of the class received terrible injuries.

Obviously the class has been very upset by the incident. Mr. Condon has very kindly given the class next week off school, in order to get over the accident.