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Friday, 24 October 2014

Amazing improvements in handwriting in Year 2 after 1 term!

On the left is writing at the start of September and on the right writing from today. What great progress! Well done Year 2.

Year 6 presenting £500 to the MacMillan Cancer

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Year 4 teaching Year 1 about the school's mission statement.

Together in God's family we love, grow and learn. 

World War Two experience

Yesterday Y6 went to 'Steam museum' in Swindon, dressed as children of 1939. We took our ration books as well as our identity cards. We took part in a workshop to experience what it was like to be an evacuee in the  war with the help of a billeting officer. It felt so real. 
After we had looked around the museum, the Air raid warning sounded and ARP 'Jerome' helped us safely into our shelter, where we sang songs and learnt how it felt to be in the dark with bombs falling all around. Did you know that, if there was an air raid, people had to stay in the shelters for 13 hours! It would have been very overcrowded, smelly and hot!
It was an amazing experience that helped us in our topic.  We really enjoyed it.

Emily,Bianca,Praise,Ashley, Daniel, Natalia and Erikan

Monday, 20 October 2014

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Haunted house stories

Y5C have been writing Haunted house stories to coincide with their 'no place like home' topic. The class produced some fantastic descriptions.  Below are some samples.

As I walked along the dusty path, an abandoned building caught my curious eyes.  Stopping dead in my tracks, the moonlit sky shone directly on the two black demon statues. Opening the silver gate, the icy wind bit my nose; I could see my breath disappear into ghostly clouds.  My mind questioned me constantly on whether to enter the old-fashioned mansion.  On the thirteenth floor I could see a perfectly lit light. Not long after, two ash brown birds stared up at me like security cameras. Should I go in? 

By Caitlin

With the lightning beating down like bullets from a gun, a magnificent dark house with two evil statues looked like they were about to pounce on me like large wrestlers.  The door opened like it was asking me to come in.  The lights were flickering so bright I was almost blind.  Shall I enter? I thought.

Peering around, I spotted wooden, wet, insecure stairs leading towards a brown battered door with lit up lamps side by side.  I stepped up the stairs so slow you couldn't tell I was moving. Without warning, spiders and copious cobwebs appeared in my face like a booby trap. There was a mat as red as blood.

By Ellie

As I passed the gloomy house, the lights flickered on and off like eyes blinking. My dog barked and barked like she knew something bad was there. I told her to stay behind to keep watch.

When I got in, blood red carpets rolled out like a snake's tongue.  On the steep steps there was a dim light in front of me.  I could just see a peculiar picture of a woman smiling a Cheshire cat grin.  A brown door appeared at me.  Do I dare enter? I muttered to myself.

By Tasha

Standing and shivering in the cold, windy rain I felt as if I had been here for 20 years.  The haunted house made weird thoughts run in my mad mind.  I could see two old-fashioned demon statues staring at me like I was their bait! I could hear the wind howling like a wolf.  The trees branches reached out with clawing fingers. 

By Olivia

As I scampered passed the old house, the scorching lights flickered. I stopped dead in my tracks.  I curiously crept towards the towering giant.  A red entrance mat unraveled.  Stepping on the mat, the door opened.  A strange eerie whistle blew.  I was viciously engulfed in a gloomy darkness.

By Michal

Thursday, 9 October 2014

New Chaplaincy Team

Year Six have been asked by Bishop Declan to start a chaplaincy team within our school.  They started their journey by thinking about the qualities needed for this role and what the impact of this team could be on the lives of the children in our school community.  Their extraordinary reflections demonstrate their depth of knowledge and faith.  They should be commended.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014