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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Visiting the Coombe Brooke Valley

Pentecost - Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Reception and Year 3 come together to learn about the Holy Spirit

Children from Reception performed their own Pentecost play. 

Asthma UK - St Joe's make it nationally!

Asthma UK has been so impressed with the amount Y4J has raised for them so far (and, of course, that means the rest of the school has too!) that we have been mentioned on their Facebook page!

click on the link to see:!/media/set/?set=a.10151637978671013.1073741825.40952091012&type=1

Y4J Tudor Red Lodge Visit

Yesterday, Y4J went to The Tudor Red Lodge in Bristol to experience what life must have been like back in the Tudor times.  We dressed up in Tudor costumes and welcomed Queen Elizabeth I and her court to Bristol.  We explored different artefacts of the time and learned about the different groups in society at the time.  A great learning experience was had!

Year 5 Class Assembly - Being Brave

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mexico travel adverts

Y5C have been writing travel adverts on the destination Mexico as part of their Mexcellent project.

Mexico’s perfect for adventure, relaxation and offers up a whole lot of culture and history.  Relax in the spectacular spa, sunbathe on one of Mexico’s best beaches, fill your mind with all things Mayan.
Ay, Caramba! This place really does have it it all!
By Izza

Welcome to Magnificent Mexico! Unwind and leave all the stress at home by going to the luxurious five star Hilton Hotel in Cancun.  Your timetable in Mexico will be relax, relax and relax. Plus, the beach will be right on your doorstep. With its stunning scenery, fabulous food and the beaches warm, wonderful waters, it’s an absolute dream come true.  But that’s not all, you can also do some superb scuba diving, great golf and not forgetting our surf-tastic surfing. There are so many treasures to explore.  Also unwind with a good book on your own personal hammock, or enjoy a magnificent coastline from a speedboat.  Whatever you desire, Beachfront Hilton Hotel has it for you!
By Charlotte

Fulfil your dream as you open the door to marvellous Mexico, that can only be described as one word ‘magical’. Enjoy the fabulous crystal clear waves of Cancun beach and relax comfortably while sinking into one of our amazing comfy chairs.  Why not get a refreshing 5 star cocktail from our beach bar. And that's not all, why not try the beach hotel ‘Hotel Hilton’. Snooze through the night without any disturbance on our soft as silk mattresses, where a bad nights sleep is impossible.
By Alfie 

Welcome to majestic Mexico, the bright burning sun is waiting for you. Smooth golden sand slithering through your feet. Don’t forget to visit the fabulous ancient ruins.  Make Mexico feel like home!!! Come to the number one destination.  Why not try our world class food? It is fabulous! If you’re a traveller, this is your paradise! Look at the rich coral reefs!! Make your dreams come true in Mexico!!!
By Sam 

Pentecost display

Children in Y5C have created a fantastic Pentecost display.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mexican caramel custard

Today Y5C was treated to some extra breakfast when Izza brought in some Mexican caramel custard.  Izza borrowed a school library book on Mexican cooking and went home to try out some recipes.  The class enjoyed trying it and are looking forward to undertaking some Mexican cooking in class next term.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Friday, 10 May 2013

Water Saving Assembly

Paul Hodge, from Bristol Water, came into school today, teaching children about how they can save water at home. The children will be bringing home some information to share with their parents. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Singing Assembly