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Monday, 30 March 2015

Space Poetry

Y5C have been writing space poems.

An alien Abduction
I saw a UFO,
Way up high,
In the sky.
Was it my imagination?
Or God’s latest creation?
As quick as a flash,
It landed with a crash.
It was soooo much fun,
Seeing a UFO coming from the blazing sun.
But when aliens abducted me from town,
My smile transformed into a frown.
Where I was I didn’t know,
All I knew is I wanted to go.
They let me go home,
Because I started to moan.
I wondered if it was a dream,
As I ate my refreshing Ice-cream.
But then no word of a lie,
I noticed alien goo in my eye!

By Ellie

My alien school friend
One day I took an alien to school
He really played the fool
He did not like Maths
It was too big a task.
He was good at Art
He drew a custard tart
He was great at PE
He could climb a tree easily
When he did history
He thought it was a mystery
At the end of the day
I wanted to play
But he had gone home
So I was left alone
He blasted off to space
It was the last I saw his face!

By Tasha

Alien Raider
Once was a day,
When I was blown away,
When aliens came from space,
As I tied my shoelace.

They thought they were cool,
When they blew up the school.
They spilled drinks on the floor,
And banged down our door.

By Michal

I was playing on Mum’s iphone
Feeling very bored,
When someone started breaking
Into Dad's new Ford.
An alien banged on our door,
While I stood there watching in awe,
He saw me and took out his water gun,
And to my astonishment cried out “Let’s have some fun!”

By Jessica

Y5C Stop motion space animation

Y5C have been creating stop motion space animation for their topic 'Space Invaders'.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Columbus singing festival hosted by St Joseph's choir

What a wonderful and joyful afternoon! We were joined for the afternoon by Air Ballon choir and Chester Park choir. Each school had prepared a song based on the theme of The Sea and we also learned some fun songs to share together. Finally we had all learned the song 'Drop in the Ocean' which we performed together and even included some harmonies. We spent most of the afternoon having rollicking pirate fun but towards the end of the afternoon performed our songs to KS2 children. It was great singing together and making new friends. Well done everyone for your hard work, great costumes and smiling faces.

Columbus Seafaring Singing Festival

An Easter Promise created at home by Lena in Year 5

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Year 3 learning about algorithms during ICT

Year 3 worked in pairs and had to write an algorithm (the set of steps to solve a problem) to help someone move a coloured block from one book to another. At first they thought this would be easy but they soon realised how detailed their algorithms needed to be in order for their partner to be able to successfully solve the seemingly simple block moving problem!

Amazing writing from Jessica in Year 2

Stations of the Cross Service

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Year 3's Amazing Pizza Adverts

As part of literacy and to link in with our pizza making year 3 wrote their own adverts to try and persuade people to buy their unique, inventive pizzas!

Here's some extracts from a few:

Lizzie Kamtcheu-

Come and try the latest pizza in town. Try the mouthwatering, magnificent, money saving, half price Pizza Pepperonia! If you get one glimpse your mouth will water, your eyes will pop, your skin will get hot and your tongue and tummy will be begging to have the tast inside.

The cheese is cheddar cheese grated professionally. The tomato sauce is made from Italy and is sweeter than sweet. The bacon is fresh from the farm and the sausages are gluten free. Come now and get one small for £5.99, a medium for £10.99 and a large for £15.99 or get it half price for a large and a drink with a chosen dessert from ice cream or brownies and even milkshakes of any flavour!

Lorenzo Hancock-

Come and try the delicious, scrumptious, anchovie, sliced bacon and cut up tomato pizza. But you have to be quick because they are only going to be out for a short amount of time.

This pizza is so delicious as soon as you see it on a poster you will stop right in your tracks. When you smell is you will also stop in your tracks so what are you waiting for?!

Anna Raju-

Have a taste of the most amazing, mouthwatering, delightful, juicy sweetcorn and salami delight! Mae sure that you buy this scrumptious pizza quickly or the pizza lovers will buy all of them and they will be sold out! So make sure you're quick!

This pizza will make you stare through our window.  The first bite will fill your mouth and tummy full of a cheesy soft texture. There's also mushroom which will give a soft feeling to your mouth.  "I say they're lovely mushrooms!" Said Ann.

Buy two and get a third one free! Also get a free toy and the first letter of your name on the pizza. So dash along to our pizza parlour to eat the most yummiest pizza in the whole wide world.  Yummy for you tummy!!!

Ruby Dudley-

Come and get a mouth watering new mega supreme.  It has tasty ham, tingly pineapple and a ruby red pepper topping.  You have to come quickly for it will run out soon!

The pizza will have a base of tomato sauce and any type of cheese.  This is a great pizza to buy because it tingles your mouth and it's only £5.00 but if you buy two then you get one with a smiley face and a free drink from our variety of fizzy, tingly drinks.

Yesterday Kayla tried my pizza and this is what she said, "It's awesome!" So come try it at St Joseph's Pearly Pizza Parlour!

Year 3's Amazing Pizza Parlour!

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon making their very own pizza's!  
Year 3 invented and drew their pizzas and wrote detailed descriptions about them before beginning the making process.

On Tuesday year 3 completed the first stage of pizza making which was making the dough. All the children weighed and measured their own ingredients in order to make their own pizza dough.  We then left it overnight to rise.

Then on Wednesday year 3 were able to shape and decorate their pizzas with their chosen toppings before finally cooking them! There was a huge variety of toppings from your original cheese, ham and pineapple to olives, prawns and anchovies!!! Some real culinary delights! Year 3 were then able to take their pizzas home to enjoy as a delicious dinner!