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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Year 3's Amazing Pizza Adverts

As part of literacy and to link in with our pizza making year 3 wrote their own adverts to try and persuade people to buy their unique, inventive pizzas!

Here's some extracts from a few:

Lizzie Kamtcheu-

Come and try the latest pizza in town. Try the mouthwatering, magnificent, money saving, half price Pizza Pepperonia! If you get one glimpse your mouth will water, your eyes will pop, your skin will get hot and your tongue and tummy will be begging to have the tast inside.

The cheese is cheddar cheese grated professionally. The tomato sauce is made from Italy and is sweeter than sweet. The bacon is fresh from the farm and the sausages are gluten free. Come now and get one small for £5.99, a medium for £10.99 and a large for £15.99 or get it half price for a large and a drink with a chosen dessert from ice cream or brownies and even milkshakes of any flavour!

Lorenzo Hancock-

Come and try the delicious, scrumptious, anchovie, sliced bacon and cut up tomato pizza. But you have to be quick because they are only going to be out for a short amount of time.

This pizza is so delicious as soon as you see it on a poster you will stop right in your tracks. When you smell is you will also stop in your tracks so what are you waiting for?!

Anna Raju-

Have a taste of the most amazing, mouthwatering, delightful, juicy sweetcorn and salami delight! Mae sure that you buy this scrumptious pizza quickly or the pizza lovers will buy all of them and they will be sold out! So make sure you're quick!

This pizza will make you stare through our window.  The first bite will fill your mouth and tummy full of a cheesy soft texture. There's also mushroom which will give a soft feeling to your mouth.  "I say they're lovely mushrooms!" Said Ann.

Buy two and get a third one free! Also get a free toy and the first letter of your name on the pizza. So dash along to our pizza parlour to eat the most yummiest pizza in the whole wide world.  Yummy for you tummy!!!

Ruby Dudley-

Come and get a mouth watering new mega supreme.  It has tasty ham, tingly pineapple and a ruby red pepper topping.  You have to come quickly for it will run out soon!

The pizza will have a base of tomato sauce and any type of cheese.  This is a great pizza to buy because it tingles your mouth and it's only £5.00 but if you buy two then you get one with a smiley face and a free drink from our variety of fizzy, tingly drinks.

Yesterday Kayla tried my pizza and this is what she said, "It's awesome!" So come try it at St Joseph's Pearly Pizza Parlour!

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