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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Year 3's Amazing Pizza Parlour!

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon making their very own pizza's!  
Year 3 invented and drew their pizzas and wrote detailed descriptions about them before beginning the making process.

On Tuesday year 3 completed the first stage of pizza making which was making the dough. All the children weighed and measured their own ingredients in order to make their own pizza dough.  We then left it overnight to rise.

Then on Wednesday year 3 were able to shape and decorate their pizzas with their chosen toppings before finally cooking them! There was a huge variety of toppings from your original cheese, ham and pineapple to olives, prawns and anchovies!!! Some real culinary delights! Year 3 were then able to take their pizzas home to enjoy as a delicious dinner!

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