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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Later Years 1960's posters

A few weeks ago the Later Years Primary were set the homework task of researching the 1960's. They needed to present their findings as a poster. Yesterday the children enjoyed coming together and sharing what they had found out.

Below you can also see some boys recreating a
famous scene from the 1966 World Cup final after Will had made a World Cup trophy to go with his poster.

Friday, 29 January 2010

'I have a dream' speeches

The Later Years Primary have been studying Martin Luther King as part of their Swinging Sixties project. The children went on to write their own 'I have a dream' speeches. Below are a few examples.

Mr Sherwin's class assembly

Mr Sherwin's class produced a fantastic assembly today on the Subject of Haiti. The class spoke about the disaster and what can be done to help. They also read out some lovely prayers they had created.

Money for Haiti.

Thank you everyone for your kind donations for Haiti.
After performing their class assembly, Mr Sherwin's class have been busy counting the money raised so far. We will announce the total raised next week.
And don't forget that there is a cake sale today after school with all funds going towarda Haiti.
Thanks again.

-- By Mr Sherwin

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Raising Money For Haiti

Here is a letter written by Mr Sherwin's class:

Dear Parents, Carers and Children of St Joseph’s.

On Friday, 29th January at 9.15am, Mr Sherwin’s class is having it’s class assembly about the Haiti disaster. Parents and carers are welcome to join us for the assembly.

The school is trying to raise as much money as possible to send to Haiti. The children have come up with some great ideas to raise some money.

On Friday there will be collection buckets by the hall doors before and after assembly for donations, so please bring any loose change that you may have around the house.

Also, the cookery club will be making cakes for a cake sale that will take place after school on Friday in the hall. If you would like to help by bringing in some cakes, please do so. 50p per bag.

Children may come to school on Friday in non-uniform for a donation.

Also, each child in the school will be given a picture of a house. We would like the children to write a prayer and perhaps and decorate it. On Friday we will stick these houses onto a large map of Haiti to represent re-building Haiti.

We hope you can come and join us in raising money for Haiti.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Sherwin’s Class


Mrs Mantle's class have been trying to find the right shape to use in order to float a piece of plastecine. I wonder if they can remember the force that allows objects to float?

-- By Mr Sherwin

Shape Walk

This week year 1 have been learning about shapes. Today we went on a shape walk around the school grounds. We were able to see and write down a lot of 2D shapes and some very hard to see 3D shapes. We took lots of photos and talked about them when we came back to class. What shapes can you see when you are out and about? what shapes can you see in this picture?

Science day

Today the Middle Years are learning all about friction. The 3 classes are taking part in 3 different workshops to learn about surface friction, air resistance and water resistance.
In Mr Sherwin's class we have been investigating water resistance. The children have been coming up with lots of ways of making the investigation fair by keeping things the same.

-- By Mr Sherwin

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sixties toys and fashion

Ailis kindly brought in some 1960's toys, books and clothes for the Later Years Primary to look at in more detail. Below is a picture of Ailis, Alana and Sophie modelling some sixties fashion whilst showing off our sixties collection.

Maths - Factors of the 1960's

Some children in the Later Years Primary have been investigating the factors of the 1960's using their knowledge of divisibility tests and division skills.

They were set the following question:

What numbers go exactly (with no remainders) into the following years/numbers
1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969?

Some of the factors found for 1960 were: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 20, 28, 35, 40, 49, 56, 70, 98, 140, 196, 245, 280, 392, 490, 980, 1960

The children were then asked to use their maths skills to work out which of the years in the sixties were leap years.

Monday, 25 January 2010

The 1960's

The Later Years primary have been looking at events that took place in the 1960's as part of their Swinging Sixties project. The children researched and made notes whilst watching a video of the decade. The children were then asked to write up their notes in an interesting way. Below is a brilliant example from Ailis

In the Sixties if you wanted to be in fashion you go straight to Carnaby Street. If you had the right gear, you had real class. Carnaby Street was where all the big stars shopped such as Liberace.
Once you've got the right clothing most people would have a new car to drive such as a Mini. There were over two million Mini's made in the Sixties and they were very popular.
The Caroline radio station was very popular as well. Broadcasting sales adverts, they played the new music from America and England. Lots of people tuned in to listen to such artists as the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley.
It wasn't just new, fresh music people liked to hear, in America President John F Kennedy was elected and was famous for being the youngest President. Kennedy promised America change, but some people weren't ready for change so three years after being elected he was assassinated.
Martin Luther King Jr. was also talking about change. He wanted black and white people to be treated the same. He made a famous speech about this known as 'I have a dream...' Unfortunately in America some people still weren't ready for change and Martin Luther King Jr.'s life was cut short by an assassin.

In London, hundreds of people caused a riot protesting about the Vietnam war. First the people held up signs and shouted but it soon became violent. 170 police got hurt and only 45 protesters were.
You may have heard of the first man on the moon but before him was the first man in space. Yuri Gagarin, a Russian family man, was the first man in space. It was a race between Russia and America, Russia was in the lead but America caught up with the first man on the moon -Neil Armstrong!
By Ailis

Saturday, 23 January 2010


On Wednesday St. Joseph's fencing club took part in a primary school competition against Oldbury Court Primary and St.Matthias and Dr.Bells Primary. Each school had two teams, A and B who fenced each other to see who would go through to the next round!

St. Joseph's Team A went through to fence Dr.Bells Team B. We did really well and won through to the final against Dr.Bells A team!!!!!!!!

It was victory to St.Joe's winning 45 - 27. We all had a really good time and enjoyed ourselves.
Everybody received medals for taking part, including Gold for the A Team and a fabulous trophy to keep for a year.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Y3/4M Assembly - Thank You!

Mrs. Mantle's Class presented a great assembly this afternoon, thinking about the theme of syaing plaese and thank you. They told the story of the leper saying thank you to Jesus after being healed. The story as if it were a TV News report! I really enjoyed it.

Knowing How To Improve

In Mrs Ford's class this afternoon, we talked about what we need to do to get better in our learning. These are some of the things the class shared with me -

Cara - Neater handwriting. And remembering capital letters and full stops.
Harry - Capital letters and better sentence openers.
Connor - Listen to others so you can magpie their ideas (if they are reading it.
Anisa - Capital letters
Charlotte - Exciting wow words, commas and question marks.
Bethany - Using so and because in sentences.
Andre - Write numbers around the right way
Hannah - Practice number bonds to 20
Oliver - Work out the answer without using fingers.

I was very impressed!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Snow forecast - the plan is business as usual

Choir ON!

Choir will take place tomorrow 20.1.10 at the usual time of 3:35 until 4:30.
Remember a drink and a small snack.
Please make sure the adults at home know to collect you at 4:30 from the front entrance.
Hope to see you then,
Mrs Marsh

Use the force

In Mr Sherwin's class we have been learning about friction. Today we have been using force meters to measure how much force is needed to drag shoes across different surfaces.

-- By Mr Sherwin

Friday, 15 January 2010

Descriptive Writing in Year 1

In year 1 today the children have been describing a picture. They had to work hard to think about what to write. Here is some of the children's work. What do you think?

'The trees are bare with no leaves. The house is giant, the house has got lots of windows. The bushes are bare and ugly. The snow covers the grass. The roof is covered with snow.
By Aleena

A big house. Big trees, lots of snow, lovely, fluffy clouds.
By Ellie

There is clouds like sheep. There is a big house. There are tress which are bare. There is a window.
By Amelia

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Today we had an extended Singing Assembly. We sang some old favourites and learned two new songs. These can be found on (there is a link on the school home page) and were called: 'Halima pakasholo'- a lovely Call and response song from Namibia, beautifully sung by the children in two part harmonies with vocalised drumming! And 'Nobody loves me' - a really disgusting song, not for the squeamish- ask your parents, some of them might remember it from their childhoods too!! Well done for all your efforts and don't forget,
"Kee----eep singing!"

Fun in the snow

This morning we held a snow sculpture building competition. There was fantastic team work with children working with children of different ages. We saw lots of imaginative ideas, with everyone having fun in the snow.

Snow at School

Today year 1 have had a great opportunity to collaborate with older children. The whole school were joined together in a competition to make the best snow sculpture. Year 1 were joined with Mr Conlon's class in groups of 6. We had all sorts of sculptures from boats to snowmen. The children had to work together and listen to ideas and suggestions. The older children helped and looked after the younger children. Later on the children had the chance to create snow pictures and describe the snow. Year 1 have had a really fun day!

School Open As Usual - Please use Chatsworth Road Entrance

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

So Here We Are Once More...

It seems a key part of my job these days is watching the weather forecasts. It is now 8.40pm and the 'light' snow has been falling for some time. Heavy snow is forecast for the early hours of the morning with an expectation of 2-4cm of snow falling in the Bristol area.


We will open if enough staff are able to get to school and we are able to provide at least adequate supervision. Hopefully it will be a normal day of learning.

If conditions are poor, as parents you will need to decide whether conditions are safe for you to bring your children to school.

In the unlikely case we are forced to close, an announcement will be made on the BLOG by 7.45am. Radio Bristol will also be notified through Bristol City Council.

I hope to see you all tomorrow!

Mr Condon

Monday, 11 January 2010

A World Changing Bus Journey

The later years are reinacting a pivotal moment in history. Decades ago, black people were not allowed to sit next to white people on buses. A black lady called Rosa refused to move from a seat desingated for white people. This was a brave action that changed the world. The children are imagining they are different people sitting on the bus. How did they feel? What would we do today if we were witness to injustice?

New year - new challenges

There are lots of exciting new challenges available on our Challenge website. Closing date for the school challenges is Tuesday 30th March. Enter and you may win a prize!!

Take up the Ice Fishing science challenge

Design a toy in the special challenge

Footsteps in the snow? Go to the maths challenge

Fictional Farewells - literacy challenges

Or try one of the many web challenges
such as a treasure Hunt in the geography section.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

School Open as Normal

Unless the weather changes DRAMATICALLY for the worse, the school will be open as usual from now on.

Please take care travelling.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Investigating a snowball

The Later Years spent some time today investigating a large snowball. We produced lots of questions about the snowball. We went on to set up various investigations such as how long it would take the snow ball to melt. Below are some pictures of some of the children taking measurements.

A Normal Day in School!

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Snow Poems

Today the Later Years Primary have been producing snow poems, here are some examples below.

White blanket of snow covering
Roads, fields and roof tops
Sometimes snow makes people laugh
Sometimes it makes people cry
Especially if they get a snowball in the eye!

by Thomas C

Snow sweet Snow

Snow like sugar, Snow like ice.
Snow is fun and snow is nice.
Snowflakes falling to the ground,
Where the snow lies soft and sound.
Untouched, fluffy, smooth and cold,
Changing colour as it gets old.
Melting quickly, ready to disappear,
Hard and slippery, BE CAREFUL HERE!

by Ailis

School open all day – please use Chatsworth Road Entrance

Thursday, 7 January 2010

School Open Tomorrow

This afternoon I met with the Headteachers of local schools so that we could coordinate the opening of schools in our community.

Whilst concerns remain about travelling to school in snowy and icy conditions the fact is these conditions are forecast to continue and we must strive to resume normal service in our schools (whilst ensuring our children are safe).

We at St Josephs therefore plan to open the school as normal tomorrow (and we understand that some children may be late coming into school), and maintain normal service next week – even if these difficult conditions continue.

Again thanks for your understanding and PLEASE TAKE CARE TRAVELLING!

Mr Condon

Update coming - 3pm (ish)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

School Closed - Thursday 7th January

Dear All,

I know I said the announcement would not be until 8am, but in view of the outlook for tonight (it's already very cold) and the likelihood of very icy conditions on the roads and especially the pavements, we have decided not to open the school tomorrow/today (Thursday 7th January).

As you all know, we close the school as a last resort. With the potential for icy conditions and even more snow over the weekend, we will make every effort to get back to normal quickly.

A big thank you for all your support and especially to staff and volunteers who helped keep the school open today.

I am sorry for all the inconvenience this closure may cause.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Mr Condon

PS - keep an eye on the BLOG for updates about Friday

Fun in the Snow

Today we had four classes of children enjoying the snow and learning too! In Reception and the Early Primary Years (Y1/2) the children spent lots of time playing in the snow and then made some snow paintings. In the Middle Years (Y3/4) the children created their own ballet which was performed in the school hall at the end of the morning. In the Later Years (Y5/6) the children enjoyed a great African drumming lesson where they created their own composition entitled, 'Snow Drum'

Of course all the children got outside and enjoyed making snowmen and having snowball fights. As Headteacher I really enjoyed this when the infants attacked me with lots of snowballs!

Update - 10.30am

Snow Day – Today

As you all know St. Joseph’s is one of the few schools in Bristol open today.

However with temperatures potentially dropping this afternoon and travelling conditions worsening, we will be closing at lunchtime.

We would ask all parents and carers to collect their children at midday. Children with packed lunches can stay a bit longer to have their lunch but we are unable to provide hot school dinners.

Tomorrow –

The forecast is temperatures dropping significantly overnight. This will have an impact on travelling conditions and potentially on the schools ability to open.

Any announcements regarding school closure will be put on the school BLOG and passed on to Radio Bristol. A decision about closure will be made around 8am, so that all factors can be taken under consideration.

Again, thanks for your cooperation and take care travelling.



However, we are severely understaffed and will need to review the situation later in the morning (although we will try to avoid it, we may need to close early).

Please check the school BLOG or phone the school office for updates later in the morning.

Many thanks

Mr. Condon


Although we anticipate lower than usual levels of staffing (which will probably affect how we organise classes), the school will be open today.

Plesae keep checking the BLOG for updates later in the day, as more snow is forecast for later in the day.

All the best and take care.

Mr Condon

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Teaching in Mr Sherwin's Class

This morning I have spent some time teaching the MiddleYears. They have been busy writing Christmas present thank you letters. I asked some children what they were focussing on to improve their writing. These are some of their responses -

Alya - using exclamation marks and joined handwriting
Evie - neater handwring and using exclamation marks
Mikenagh - begin joining handwriting and using commas and question marks
Megan - use more connectives like 'but'
Jerrin - join handwriting and use adjectives, adverbs and commas!

Well done to all the children for knowing how to improve.

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Later years start their new topic - Swinging Sixties

They started by watching the film Summer Holiday. Mr Condon is a massive Cliff Richard fan. Rock'n'Roll!!!