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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Maths Clubs

This term see the launch of St Joseph's Maths clubs across the school. Maths Clubs are design to help children improve the speed of recalling key maths facts. Knowing the key maths facts will enable children to be more confident and progress further in The Big Number Crunch.

For further information and copies of the Clubs please click here

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Great Problem Solving in Y2F

I was so impressed with all of Y2F on Tuesday. They were solving problems in Maths where they had to find the value of different missing numbers. The children had to work together, used many different skills in their learning and demonstrated great independent learning. Well done Y2F!

More Amazing Writing from Y2S

In the night time Mum tucked me in bed. When I was sleeping I dreamed that I was in a scary, freezing, frosty, icy, slippery, dangerous world. I was scared. I was shocked. I didn't believe it. I saw a crack so I went closer and closer. Then the cracked cracked. I fell. I felt like I was on a slippery slide. I went out. I saw snow. I saw a ladder and went up it. I screamed, woke up and looked at my mirror. I saw snow on my head. Mum said, "where did you get snow on your head?" I didn't answer.

By Sandra
When Mum put me in bed I was floating off. Then I started dreaming and I started dreaming of a place. I started looking around this place. I walked around and I found a crack in the floor. I went to look at it a little bit more. Then I fell down when the crack broke...
By Antonia

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chance to shine cricket festival 2009

Today ten members of year 5/6 took part in the Action indoor sports -Chance to shine cricket festival 2009. Our school successfully won their games and the group and were presented with a trophy.

I was very impressed with our team's positive attitude and team work. They demonstrated some excellent cricket skills and performed well under pressure.

What you have achieved for Ethiopia in 2008!

Let's look forward to supporting the people of Ethiopia in 2009!!

Waking Up in an Ice Cave!

This afternoon Y2S imagined that they had just woken up in a strange ice cave. The class were asked to use their experiences to write some description. Here are some examples of the great writing produced by Year 2 -
"I suddenly fell asleep.. I went into this icy cave... it was covered in snow," by Laura
"I saw a colourful mountain with shiny, glittering icicles," by Maddie.
"I started to shiver..." by Issy.
"I woke up and to my surprise I was in this cold place... it was the worst dream ever!" by George.
"I was angry with my Mum and Dad... I stumbled to the toilet.." by Sydney.
" I was in an amazing icy place.. it was slippery, glassy and scary," by Lewis"
By Mr. Condon

Monday, 19 January 2009

Cool writing!

This week Year 2 are writing a Big Write story based on falling asleep and waking up in an icy world. Y2S have been preparing by playing some word games and also by collecting words and sentences that they could use in their stories. Here are a few examples:

I could see a sharp, shiny icicle on a tree.
By Laura
I could see a lonely, white elf it was scary like a monster!
By Lewis
I could see a bright, shiny, sun.
By Saul
I could see a crunchy and slippery world.
By Issy
I can't wait to read the finished stories!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Challenge website

Up for a challenge? Then go to our challenge website

Literacy Challenge:Write a story from the artwork

Science Challenge: Charged comb and water

Maths Challenge: Wag worms?

Special Challenge:
What country am I?

With KS1 challenges & loads of web challenges

Closing date for challenges this term is Thursday 12th February.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A nice investigation

Year 2 have been doing an ice investigation today. Children discussed which places in the classroom would make an ice cube melt the quickest. They were then given ice cubes to put into different locations and they observed them every 10 minutes. The children correctly predicted that the ice cubes that were put outside in the cold would take the longest time to melt because it was colder outside.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Flat fancy dress costumes

As part of their Art attack project, year 5 & 6 created flat fancy dress costumes. The children showed off their designs during their Christmas party.