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Friday, 30 April 2010

CAFOD Bee day

Today Yr5/6 presented a cheque to Mrs Harris, from CAFOD for £282.69. The children raised money by having a non-uniform day, wearing yellow & black clothes and by donating money for knitted bees.

The money is going to Cafod's Bee keeping project in

Celebration Bike Ride

Here we are learning how to ride our bikes safely.

We were all ready to go on our celebration bike ride. This was a special bike ride organised for winners of the Virtual Bike Race last month. Unfortunatly, due to bad weather (and problems with Mrs Rollings' bike), we had to postpone the actual bike ride until later in the summer. Instead we spent part of the afternoon practicing our cycle skills and finished with squash and cake!

Word Problems

As a challenge, Mr Sherwin's numeracy group have been inventing their own word problems. Some of them were very sad. Can you solve them?

I had 12 snakes and 2 rabbits. A quarter of the snakes were jumped on and killed by the rabbits. How many snakes do I have left?
By Mikenagh

There was 1000 zebras. Half of them went away eating grass. How many were left?
By Micah

There were 12 cats. Half were run over by a lorry. How many were left?
By Rochelle

There were 24 books on a table. A quarter of them were taken to the library. How many books went to the library?
By Rebecca

There were 60 fish. Half of them were eaten by a shark. How many fish are left?
By Sydney

There were 100 divers that dived into the ocean. Half of them got eaten by sharks. How many divers were left?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Editing and improving

Mr Sherwin's class have been busy editing and improving a 'boring' piece of writing that Mr Sherwin had written.
Here is what Mr Sherwin wrote:
The captain and his crew woke up and they could hear waves and they could see they were on a beach and they could see birds and they felt happy that the storm had gone and they felt unhappy that they were lost on an island.

And here is their improved writing:
Slowly, the captain and his weak crew began to wake up. They could see crystal clear waves slowly drifting onto the shore. "Where are we?" muttered the captain. It was then that they could see they were on a sandy, golden beach. Surprisingly, they could see colourful and beautiful birds pecking at the coconuts in the trees like there was no tomorrow and flying through the blue sky like aeroplanes. They felt joyful that the dark, cloudy storm had gone but they felt guilty that they were lost on a hot, desert island.

Well done!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Learning in Reception

We are...

Choosing to write...

Children choosing to work with number...

Choosing to count in Spanish...

Choosing to build things...

Choosing to be active...

Choosing to learn together...

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pupils in Y5/6 have been studying The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. They looked closely at the characters in the poem and wrote, in diary form, the thoughts of Bess as she waited, bound and gagged, for the highwayman to return.

Clement wrote:
There’s no escape. Through this dark, gloomy, window the howling wind in the tall trees makes me worry more for my darling love. The red-coats sneer and snigger like devils, as I struggle to get free. The window is a screen of sorrow. My eyes flood with tears and they fall to the ground like sand in open hands. I hear the hooves of my love, but they are the hooves of the devil.

Samantha wrote:
I’m waiting here at the old inn, hoping that the highwayman won’t come. I’m scared – thinking that my true love will be killed. My heart is beating, beating, beating. My tears have turned to blood; my eyes have swelled with pain and my heart is broken into a thousand pieces. Clop, clop, I can hear his horse’s hooves – I know what I must do…Bang!

Kevin wrote:
… My heart is pounding fiercely; I can’t risk the highwayman’s life. I shake aggressively, fighting like a lion against the rope. Suddenly, I see the highwayman. He comes closer and closer. Reluctantly, I pull the trigger…

Joe wrote:
At the moment, I am tied with a rope and I am very scared that I will die. My heart is beating as fast as the speed of light; I really don’t want him to come. He is my love and I hate to see him hurt. From the corner of my eye, I can see the track that he will come. With a musket beneath my breast, I pull the trigger…

Alana wrote:
I am speechless. Three soldiers have tied me to the end of my bed, facing the window. As the soldiers drink my father’s beer, I can see the road my love will ride and then die.
Inside I am screaming “Help!” But the outside knows no-one will answer. Twisting my hands, I can feel my blood throbbing. Suddenly, a sound in the distance. An idea strikes me. I will shoot myself as a warning…

Ann wrote:
At this second, I am tied to the foot of my own bed. All I can see is the bright light of the moon, shining through the cracked window. I am between two soldiers; guarding me like something precious. But really, they want to kill my love.

Nervously, I am thinking of what to do. Should I kill myself, or wait for my highwayman and die together? The soldiers are armed with muskets. And just beside my breast, the musket that will end my life.

I can hear the sound of his horse. Are the soldiers deaf? Can they not hear that? My finger reluctantly touches the trigger. I know the highwayman is coming; I can hear the clip, clopping of his horse. I have to shoot myself. Boom!

Ellie wrote from a different angle
I knew it! I knew that I would die because of that job of his. A highwayman! Why couldn’t he be a shoe polisher or own a shop? Look at me, bound to the foot of the bed. If he comes he will die. They will shoot him.
I mean, really, they will kill him! But why me? Ok, maybe I helped him get away – but I am not HIM!
My hands are blood red.
Tied to the foot of my bed.
To warn him I must die,
Without saying goodbye.
My brave, last act of the night.
Now I will die – in fright. BANG!

Friday, 23 April 2010

St George's Day Bike Parade


Today in PE the children in Mr Sherwin's class were working together to make letters using their bodies. Working as a team they were able to spell out their learning objective. Can you read what it says?

-- By Mr Sherwin

Shipwrecked sentences

In Mr Sherwin's class the children were set the challenge of finding as many words as they could using the letters from the word 'Shipwrecked'. They found over fifty words! They then started to put the words into sentences. They could only use one or two other words to help it make sense. Here are some of their sentences:
She hid her ship and wrecked it.
By Alya
I was sick on a wicked kid.
By Megan
She read he hid his chips.
By Niamh
Ed picked Eric for his crew.
By Kamal
His ship wrecked and we were sick.
By Jerrin
I had rich chips.
By Kameron
I peek into the red shed.
By Sydney
I hid her rich chips on the deck.
By Summer
Ed had a wise crew.
By Shaun
Ed's crew were spies.
By Mikenagh
Eric is wicked.
By Belinda
Eric and Ed were sick.
By Ruby
I was sick on the ship.
By Antonia
We hide his seeds.
By Rungkan
The crew speed to get chips on the dish.
By Anique.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Learning Detectives

This morning, a group of children in years 5 and 6 have been training to become Learning Detectives.

The Detectives will be looking for clues related to learning, around the school.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mad Science Club

In Mad Science Club today, the scientists had to design a special capsule to protect a raw egg, as it was dropped on to a hard surface. The scientists all had great fun. I look forward to next week.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Growth in the Gardening Club!

Planting tomato plants...

Planting a cherry tree...

Digging out the weeds...

And filling up the greenhouse.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Maths in Years 5 and 6

The children in Mrs Patton's class are really excited that they are improving their division skills. They say this is because of improved concentration and use of the bus stop method. Keep up the good work.

Maths in Years 3 and 4

In Mrs Joseph's class they have been learning about fractions - the numerator and denominators.

Outside of the class children have been practicing how to tell the time.

Mr Sherwin's Class are learning how to multiply numbers by 10 and 100.

Red table were dividing and using decimal points. Liam challenged the class to multiply by 1 million! Exciting stuff!

In Mrs Mantle's class the children were solving worded problems. They are going to finish this as part of a homework task. Great to see lots of focussed learning on the first day back.

Welcome Back Year 2

Year 2 are working very hard writing about the best day of their holiday.

All of the children are working very hard imroving their writing. Like in Year 1 they are using their sandcastles really well to remember what they need to do to improve.

I look forward to spending some time working with a group of Year 2 writers later.

Welcome back to Year 1

Very busy writing about threir exciting Easter holidays.

Great independent writing!

The children use sandcastles to help them know how to improve.

Welcome Back to Reception

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Art

Today the Later Years created some stunning colourful paper Easter eggs.