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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Spell Recipes

My Readwrite group were being witches and wizards writing Spell Recipes yesterday. Some of the spells were to turn frogs into people, some to turn children into toads and there was even one to a princess into a frog. The children used good time connectives to show the order of how to make the spell. Here is Sydney's Spell Recipe:
You will need a dash of red pepper, a cauldron, a egg, some salt, a wand, bats wings and water.

First you will need to mix a dash of red pepper in a cauldron.
Then a egg then some salt then a frog then a bats wings then water and a wand.
Then put it in the fire for a hour and a half.
Then take it out of the fire and take it to school and poison the children.
They will be ill the next day.
The cat will be ill as well.

I hope she's joking!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Well Done Year 1

A big well done to all children in year 1 today for their excellent behaviour. All of the children have worked hard and have been very focused on their learning. A special visit from Mr Condon to say well done was much deserved..lets keep it up year 1! I am very proud of you! 

Saturday, 25 April 2009

First Holy Communion Preparation

On Saturday I had the chance to go into school to see the fantastic work that the children are doing in order to prepare for their First Holy Communion. It was clear to see that the children were enthusiastic, eager and committed to their learning and I know that both Mrs Bell and Miss Geach were very pleased with the children's hard work and fantastic attitude to their learning. My favourite part of the day was listening to the children talk about the special gifts that God has given them. Something we should all be thankful for. Mrs Bell and Miss Geach have both put in lots of hard work, with lots more still to come, to ensure that this day will be very special and important for everyone involved. 
Well done everybody!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mr Terry's a Winner!

Hi everyone,
Sorry I can't be with you this week. Some of my colleagues have exams to sit during this week and we are a bit short staffed so I have to stay in the office. I have an exam on Friday on personal taxation!! It just shows that even when you're old you can't get away from exams.
The run went quite well. I didn't run as fast as last year but I still managed to finish the 13miles in under two hours. (1hr 57min 29'). It was hotter in Nice than in Berlin (last year) and I didn't manage to do as much running this year before the event so I expect that is why I was a bit slower.
Nice was very pleasant and the weather generally sunny so I've got some good photos of the area and of the run to show you when I come in. I have attached a few shots to give you an idea.
When I finished my run I was very hot so I went into the sea for a swim. The Mediterranean was not as cold as the English Channel but it wasn't too warm either so it was only a quick dip!
See you all soon. I hope you raised a lot of money for your friends in Ethiopia. They deserve all of your help. I think I have raised about £400 for CLIC so we should get a good contribution for your charity from the Bank.
Very best wishes, Mr. T.
p.s. I'd better do some homework now for my exam!!
pictures attached: before the race; finishing the race (note the difference in expression); cooling my feet; shirt and shoes on Nice beach; after the run. Did you notice my extra shirt badge?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Good news!

Our new RE topic is all about spreading good news and how Jesus spread the good news of Easter. To celebrate this, Airam and Cory in my class interviewed some people in School asking them about good news they received over the Easter holidays. Both Lauren and Mr. Condon had some very good news!

Unfortuantly, Iwan got a bit confused with Good News and sad, tragic news.

Friday, 3 April 2009

The story of the three trees

This morning Y2S performed their class assembly on the story of the three trees. Lots of work went into getting ready for the performance and it went really well. The children used loud, clear voices and remembered their lines and acting roles. I was really impressed and performers told me afterwards how proud they were of what they had achieved. Well done Y2S and thank you to everyone who helped get it ready.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Escaping the fire

Using photos of the houses (that we made) as a background, Y2S spent a lesson today making some animations. We wanted to show how the fire of London spread from house to house and also show people escaping. It's the first time that this class had used the software and Mr Condon came in to watch and see if he could learn to use it too. Mr Condon was really impressed with how quickly the children picked up the skills. Perhaps Mr Condon will make his own animation and share it on the blog!

By Maciej and Issy

Il fait beau a Bordeaux

Bonjour tout le monde!
Hello everyone. I am at Alliance Fran├žaise in Bordeaux working hard to learn better French. We have 5 hours of French everyday AND homework! It's really hard but at the end I hope to be as good as Mrs Marsh! Next week, when all of you are on holiday, I am going to visit a school 'Ecole Carle Vernet' and share with them the book that Y56J have made about Bristol.
Bordeaux is a really beautiful city. I have taken a few pictures to show you.
Happy Easter to everyone and I look forward to telling you all about my adventures when I return.
Mrs Joseph