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Friday, 27 February 2009

Fairground descriptions

Children in year 5 & 6 have been looking at fairs and fairgrounds, as part of their project called The Apprentices. In Literacy the children have been producing some fantastic descriptive writing on the subject of fairs. Below is a section from some examples.

Skipping through the fair entrance, I can see the vivid flashing lights of the huge Ferris wheel. Screams and laughs echoing everywhere. Stalls set up with fun games and people selling their wares. "Helter Skelter!" I shouted. My favourite ride of all.

By Bradley Yates

Strolling through the fair, the smell of juicy hot dog crept up my nose. I was waiting in the line for so long, watching the vivid lights. It was finally my turn to go on the ride.

I was getting strapped on, but butterflies were in my stomach. I decided that I wanted to get off, but before I even started to get up, the ride had already started. This ride was called Freddy's Revenge! It spins you around like your getting sucked in a vortex. I felt like I was going to be sick, but I just managed to hold it in. Finally the ride had finished. I felt dizzy and confused. I said to myself I would never go on that ride again.

By Chris Barry

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Year 3/4 make Trade Fair

This week Year 3/4 were lucky enough to have Teresa Harris from CAFOD come into school and talk to them about Fairtrade and how CAFOD helps with this.

The children were given the task of dividing the cost of one banana between the people who make sure we can buy bananas in supermarkets and grocers. The children thought that the banana pickers deserved much more than the 1p they received for each banana they picked!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Britain needs you!

Mrs Marsh brought this fantastic website to my attention where you can compete in fun, educational games against other children from all over the World!

My particular favourite is the times tables competition. With many of our children having success in their Maths Clubs, we should have no trouble. It's a great way to practice!

The website is called tutpup. Just click to start playing. However if you wish to join and start scoring, you will need parental permission or ask your class teacher to set you up in a class league.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Stroke Awareness

Mrs. Toni Dagnall is a parent in our school. She had a stroke in March 08 and a second in May 08 at age 28. Only because her husband, Gary recognised the signs (F.A.S.T) and dialed 999, the hospital was able to reverse some of the damage and she came through the other side.

The following link gives important about information strokes, the impact they can have on peoples lives and how the early signs can be recognised - potentially saving lives. more detailed clip about what to expect and accounts from people of varied ages. Approx 9 minutes.

The more people that see this advertisement the better, even if it only saves one life it will be worth it. A stroke can happen to anyone of any age, it’s not just old people.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Fire fighting

In Year 2 we have been learning about the Great Fire of London as part of our Fire and Ice topic. This week we have been creating slideshows about the tools that have been used in the past to fight fires. In just a few ICT lessons the children have created slideshows with pictures, writing, animation and sounds.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Camp 2009

Wow! What a week. We had a brilliant time on camp, undertaking so many fantastic activities. Here are a few photographs to show you some of the things we got up to.



The group contacted us 10 minutes ago and were in Gloucester. Conditions were good. We hope to see them soon.


The group have left and will be travelling via Gloucester. Conditions are now much improved and ETA is still 2.30pm.

The End is Near!!

Having confirmed that road conditions are safe, the group will be leaving Parkend in the next 15 minutes. As the Severn Bridge is still closed, the coach will travel via Gloucester. We anticipate arrival 2.30pm approx. We will update the Blog, if we have any further information.

Camp Update

We will be making a decision about the children returning to school, within the next hour. The Blog will be updated then.

A further (and hopefully final) update.

When we returned to the centre after out snowball competition the centre manager told us he had to leave straight away as his wife had gone into labour. This has delayed us a little as we've had to sort a few things out that we usually wouldn't have had to do.

Hopefully, we should leave approximately 12.30pm. As a result we will probably not be back to school until after 2.00pm.

Camp Update

The bridges have been closed because thawing ice has been falling on vehicles. We plan to wait a couple of hours and than review the situation. If the bridge re-opens and conditions are safe, then the group will return this afternoon. An alternative if the bridge is still closed, but road conditions are safe, is travelling to Gloucester and joining the M5. if conditions are judged to be not safe the group will remain in Parkend for another night.We were in the process of contacting parents/carers individually, but due to circumstances changing quickly we be only publishing updates on this BLOG.

If you are worried, give us a call - 3772160

Camp update

Just to say that the coach driver arrived a few minutes ago without any problems. With the weather conditions expecting to improve we are going to go for one last snowman building competition (and more than likely a snowball fight!) and then leave at about 11.30am. If the bridge is still closed then we will go the longer way around. Either way we should be back in School sometime after 1.00pm.

CAMP 2009 Update

Both Severn Bridges are now closed - we will update you asap - obviously the group will not be leaving to arrive at 12.30pm - 1pm. We will advise you of plans asap.Matt Condon

Camp Update

ETA is still 12.30-1pm. This is dependent on conditions - we may have to wait if conditions the weather has not improved. Please check the Blog for regular updates.

Camp Update

I have just spoken to the Local Authority regarding trasport back from the Forest of Dean. They will be contacting me with a more detailed forecast so we can ensure children travel back when it is safe. This may change the timing published earlier this morning.

Camp Update

I've just spoken to Mrs. Joseph, who is with the group in the Forest of Dean. Conditions on the main roads are judged to be safe BUT conditions may be getting worse. Our staff and Ian Healy (Dean Field Manager) have arranged with the coach company for the group to be collected early. We expect the group to arrive back in school 12.30-1pm approx.Can I assure you all that the group will not travel if we are not happy about their safety.Matt Condon

SCHOOL CLOSED!!! - Friday 6th Feb

I will be in school today and will be ensuring transport for Y56 residential trip children is arranged ensuring safety. An update will appear on the blog later in the morning.

Sorry about any inconvenience caused by the closure.

Matt Condon

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Update - Thursday 8pm

Having reviewed the weather forecast, I am confident that the school will be open tomorrow. In the case of reduced staffing levels (as today), we will aim to open all day, but give parents/carers the option to collect children from school at 12.30pm, after lunch.

If the school opens tomorrow, as planned, we can assure you that conditions are safe on the school site. Parents/Carers will need to make their own decision about whether safe travel to school is possible - this will be a significant issue, if conditions are icy.

The situation will be reviewed early tomorrow morning, with a message placed on the BLOG. Any closure will be broadcasted also on Radio Bristol.Every effort will be made to keep school open, even if we are unable to deliver a normal curriculum.

Please take care travelling into school!

CAMP 2009 Update

Some parents have contacted the school, concerned about news reports about poor conditions on roads in the Forest of Dean.

This morning, I spoke to Ian Healy, the manager of the Dean Field Studies Centre. He confirmed that -
  • Conditions on some roads were poor. Because of that, a decision was made to cancel any activities not based around the centre site in Parkend.
  • Whilst conditions on B roads are poor, A roads have been gritted and are in regular use. The coach collecting the children will travel on A roads only.
  • That the children and adults are having a great time!

We have also contacted Turners Coaches who are currently happy with conditions on the roads, but will review their conditions tomorrow.

Tomorrow's Plans - Friday

As today, the school plans to open as usual. The situation will be reviewed early tomorrow morning, with a message placed on the BLOG. Any closure will be broadcasted also on Radio Bristol.Every effort will be made to keep school open, even if we are unable to deliver a normal curriculum.Please take care travelling into school!

Snowy Day in School

St. Joseph's was open today although, with less staff and children than usual. the children in school had agreat morning celebrating the snowfall in art and writing.

School Open - 10.30am update

Whilst the school will be officially open all day – parents can collect their children after lunch at 12.30pm as the school is significantly understaffed.

Children are welcome to remain in school all day – appropriate supervision will be provided at children can be collected at the normal time of 3.30.

School Still Open - Update

7.45am - After taking advice from the local authority I can confirm that the school is OPEN today, although we will not be operating with a full staff (classes may be joined).

Mr. Condon


School is open as normal today.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Camp 2009

We are having a fantastic time on Camp, with lots of fun in the snow. Everyone is keeping well and wrapping up warm. We are half way through our week and have already done so many brilliant activities.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Y2F Making Animated Videos About Alaska

Well done David for this great animated slideshow. The rest of the class demonstrated some excellent skills inserting images using thumbnails into a slideshow, adding text and animating their images. I was very impressed.

Mr. Condon

Monday, 2 February 2009

St Joseph's snow!!

Today year 1 went out into the courtyard to have fun in the snow. The children were asked to think about how the snow made them feel. Some of the children also started to describe the snow. Below are some of the things that children said.

'The snow is so cold.' - Stan 'It is wet, slippery and icy!' - Izza

'The snow makes me feel happy' - Anisa 'The snow is white.' - Ollie

'It makes me really excited.' - Cara

'The snow makes me happy and it is squidgy!' - Tejal

'With gloves on the snow is warm but without them it is cold.' - Charlotte

We took lots of photographs which are on the window in our classroom.

Year 1

Snow is falling

With snow falling outside, it was the perfect opportunity to write some poetry to link in with our Fire and Ice topic. Therefore, Y2S wrote some lovely descriptive poems using the line 'Snow is falling'. These are going to be added to our display with some snowflakes.
Here are some of our poems:
Snow is falling
in the middle of the night.
Snow is falling
as a beautiful sight.
By Laura

Snow is falling.
Come out and play.
Snow is falling.
Hip hip hooray!
By Miegan

Snow is falling.
It looks very white.
Snow is falling.
It falls at night.
Snow is falling.
The floor has gone white.
By Saul

Our Snowy Morning

This morning, in Reception, we have been exploring the snow. Having played outside, we came in and warmed up with some hot chocolate. We then spent the morning making snow scenes using chalk and paints, making snow flakes and writing about the snow.

'The snow gently drifted on the floor'

'I had cold hands'

'I made a boy snow angel'