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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Year 5 Science day part 2

On Friday Y5C continued investigating forces by looking at air resistance.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Year 5 Science Day Investigating Forces

Year 2 Plants Science Day

Year 2 have been making their own flowers out of different materials and then labelling the key parts. Jessica, Daria and Carl told me all about how the roots suck up the water and the water travels up the stem to the leaves and the rest of the flower! Carl also said that bees might like the brightly coloured petals.

Year 1 Pirate Floating and Sinking Science Day

Y4 Switches

Y4 learnt about switches and decided to make their own to add to their circuits.  

Y4 Electrical Conductors and Insulators

We designed an experiment to test whether different materials would allow electricity to pass through them. A material which allows electricity to pass through is called a conductor. A material which doesn't allow electricity to pass through is called an insulator. 

Y4 Electricity

Y4 testing different circuits to see whether the bulb would light up. 

A snapshot of Year 3's Science Day about Plants.

Yesterday children spent the day learning all about plants.  They started by learning the key parts that make up a flower and learning about each parts function.  They then tried to apply this knowledge and make their own plants out of specific materials.  An investigation was also set up to try and prove what a plant needs in order to grow well.  Hopefully in a few weeks year 3 will be able to share their results with you!