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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pictures of Paradise

Following on from Andy Sheppard's visit last week, the children in Year Six are composing poems as part of Bristol 2015 to celebrate Bristol achieving the status of European Green Capital. Their words will go towards helping Andy create a song for a special concert in October.  Here are a couple of amazing poems just to show what a paradise our world could be:

A Great World

After a day of darkness,
When the world was far from right,
A paradise came and washed away the darkness from our lives.

The willows whoosh from left to right,
And the birds are at their heights.
The rivers and streams were trickling down,
And the children splashed around.

And then there’s the sea.
Oh the beautiful, calm sea.
Washing and playing like white horses in the water.
The waves lap over in a never ending cycle,
The deep shade of blue just entrances your mind.

As the bees buzz in the clean fresh air,
The bright sun shines like a beacon of good will.


Perfect paradise  

When I’m in the paradise I feel joyful and free and my body starts to tingle with happiness.
Lush green hills, trickling streams which sparkle in the sunshine
Dancing butterflies flitting from flower to flower carried away in the breeze
As I walk through the apple orchards, the apple blossom falling around my feet
Majestic mountains as tall as skyscrapers covering the fluffy clouds above
Rainbows shimmering up above near the glaciers of the mountain edge
As I walk through the safari the lion does its mightiest of roars
As I walk in paradise the houses are made of sweets and biscuits which fill my tummy
As I walk in paradise the air is so clear and the grass is so fresh
As I sleep there is no noises in sight Deep in my heart I think this a wonderful place which I never want to leave

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