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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mexico travel adverts

Y5C have been writing travel adverts on the destination Mexico as part of their Mexcellent project. Here are some extracts:

Welcome to Mexico, a traveller's ideal destination where silky sands, glistening aqua-blue oceans and wild, colourful festivals are big stuff!  From rich intriguing history to sleek, all-inclusive five star hotels, Mexico provides the perfect holiday vocation for anyone!!

At Agua Azul beautiful, crystal-clear waters glittering under the all-year-round sun are the key to your dream heaven.  Sunbathe by the rocks or paddle around magical waterfalls. Let your worries flow into the mist as you relax under the sapphire sky.  With sociable cuisine (who doesn’t like sharing a burrito with friends?) and pleasingly landscaped open-air food villages dotted around the springs, life is paradise in Agua Azul!

Arriba! What are you waiting for? Book early to avoid disappointment!!

By Irene

Magnificent Mexico has fabulous food and wonderful weather.  Visit the marvellous Mayan ruins and explore blazing hot beaches. If you haven’t visited, you haven’t lived. Arriba! Visit Mexico.

You think Mexico is all beach and desert? Well think again! Mexico’s unique Urique Canyon will blow your mind.  Observe picturesque views and throw your stress off the cliff side. You can picnic with your family; abseil down a cliff and much more!

By Michal

 If you want to try your salsa skills on the dance floor, then sink into the pace of life in Cancun. Enjoy the beaches of Cancun –let this destination get under your skin. Stroll along the golden sandy beaches.  This is a traveller’s paradise as well as a golfers dream.  Discover the great Mayan ancient ruins; experience the five star hotels and first class restaurants.  Cancun offers a wide array of activities: surf-tastic waves; scuba-diving; snorkelling and many more. Cancun is covered with golden beaches and infinite scales of blue give a wonderful landscape.

By Caitlin

Mexico is burning with spices and sizzling with sunshine.  Come to magnificent Mexico.  Mexico is a dream destination with some amazing water parks; spectacular swimming pools; brilliant beaches; with fantastic restaurants and great golf courses.  There is no place better than Mexico!

By Ridah

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