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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Art Integral Space

In Art Y5C have been exploring shape & space.  We created our own Integral space pictures. Integral space is the space between one object or shape and another. Background areas surround the shapes, help to define them and integrate them like an invisible container.

Exploring shape & space

In Art Y5C have been exploring shape & space.  We experimented with different shapes of tissue paper and overlapped colours to create interesting colour mixes.  Pen & ink was also used to create further shape & space.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Year 6 WW2 Topic presentation

Today Year 6 gave a fantastic topic presentation on WW2. 

They gave a brilliant performance of country dancing which they have been undertaking during PE lessons.

Writing, Chinese style

Y4J had another visit from Mrs Johnson today who told us what school was like in Taiwan when she was a child.  She also told us how Chinese writing started.  She then taught us how to write the characters of the zodiac.  It takes a lot of practice but we had a go.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Space stories

Y5C have been writing descriptive space stories as part of their 'Space Invaders' topic. 

"Prepare for a dangerous mission men.  Today we have to put an end to this junk," called Captain Johnson, trying to wipe the blood from his badly scarred face.  This cyborg has come from another world, far away from Earth.  I was determined to kill it, as it took my family's lives.  My anger has grown since that awful day.  My sweaty hands gripped hard on my gun like a snake strangling its prey.  "This was obviously a suicide mission," I said to myself as we marched ahead to find this monster.  
By Luke

As I woke up from my slumber, I gazed outside my spacecraft window.  I saw billions of twinkling stars shinning in the galaxy.  It was extraordinary! Turning around, I spotted a mysterious planet.  It had white swirls around it.  The swirls looked like Vanilla Cream.  I decided to go to the planet.
By Bethany

The view was amazing, I could see thousands of stars glistening in the darkness of the vast open galaxy and a giant white and green planet that glowed like Kryptonite .  Then I thought about my family, I slowly and carefully picked up the picture of my family in Florida, huddled around Mickey Mouses' big round arms.  I stared and thought about that time, until...
By Alfie

I peered through the fog.  What was it?  Who was it? As I bravely stumbled closer, my heart started racing like a Ferrari car.  And then I saw a shock of my life.  Right in front of me was a dreadfully looking alien sharpening his blood stained claws, menacingly!  As this creature moved slowly out of the dusty spacecraft, I saw strobes of light, beaming behind this hideous creature.  His eyes was as thin as a split-pin. I was terrified!
By Charlotte

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Are you Hungry for Change?

Today we had a visitor from Cafod, David Brinn, who talked to the whole school about CAFOD's Lenten project, Hungry for Change.  He told us some extraordinary facts like, ...Did you know that one out of eight people will go hungry today?  or, that there is enough food in the world only it's just in the wrong place. It certainly made us think.
David then came into Y4J and Y3H classes and worked with us on ways we can help change the world for the better.  We started by writing our own 'grace before meals' on a plate and then we wrote a message to David Cameron for when he hosts the G8 summit later this year.  Here are some of our messages:

Dear Mr Cameron,
It’s not fair.  We want you to change that there are 1 in 8 people going hungry today.  We can change this if you help us! A lot of people will die today.  I know how powerful you are.  Let the poor people be healthy and happy.”  Natalia

Dear Prime Minister,
Please use your power to make a change because I think it’s not fair to starve so please, please, help and change somebody’s life.  Talia

Stop this crisis!
Innocent humans have to face the consequences.  I say stop it!! The world is hogging the food and that’s not fair!  Great and powerful, DO SOMETHING!!!

Dear Mr Cameron,
Please make a change to the world.  There are so many families who die from starvation, partly because of you.  DO SOMETHING!!!   Jake.

We are now thinking of ways in which we and the school can raise money so that people do not go hungry.  Watch out for our ideas!
(pictures to come)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Camp 2013 - update

We expect the group to arrive back at 2.30pm, tomorrow afternoon.

Ice Topic in Year 2

Chinese Dragon in Reception - Welcome to the Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year

To start Y4J's exciting new topic off, we had a visit from Mrs Johnson (a parent in the school) today.  She brought in lots of different decorations, told us the story of Chinese New Year and taught us some Chinese words.  We even had time to learn a song about numbers!  She helped us create our own 'human house' to show what houses in Taiwan, where she comes from, look like during the Chinese New Year festival.  She has very kindly said she will come in again to help us find out more about her culture.
We have learnt a lot and are looking forward to The Year of the Snake that starts on Sunday.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Good Samaritan -great writing in year 1

Camp 2013

Mrs Patton has just texted me. The group are having a great time and all are well. We all look forward to seeing the group on Friday.

Mr. Condon

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Activity day on behalf of Asthma UK

Y4J had a great day raising funds for our class' charity, Asthma UK.   Several of us came in fancy dress. We did lots of activities in the hall to see how quickly we could hop, skip or bounce balls. We wrote as many multiplication and division sums as we could in 3 minutes and stayed silent for a full five minutes!  We played memory games, got really good at speed stacks, made balloon powered cars and made the tallest towers we could out of paper.  We even had time to draw some posters and sing songs.  It was a great day.  So far we have raised over £230 and have lots more promised!

Well done everyone!