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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Playing old computer games

Y5C have explored early computer games as part of our project  'Space Invaders'.  We found out about the history of early computer games and enjoyed trying them out.  In Literacy we wrote explanations of how to play these games and wrote comments on what they were like.

Space Invaders
Space Invaders is a game where you shoot alien like creatures when they are moving left, right and down.  As the time moves on the aliens move across the screen faster.  The more aliens you shoot the more points you get.  You have to use the arrow on your keyboard to move around.  You also need to use the spacebar to shoot the aliens.  The red ship sometimes comes and is worth 100 or 200 points.  One alien is worth ten points another is worth twenty points and the last one is worth forty points.  If the aliens try to shoot just go under your shields.  If you shoot all the aliens you move onto the next level.  You have three lives altogether. Be careful because the higher the level the harder it becomes.
By Ridah

Space Invaders is an action packed game, where you have to shoot a plethora of squid like aliens that try to kill you.  But don't worry because there are four shields to protect you.  The aim of the game is to kill all the aliens and the mothership that comes around every so often and it's worth 100 points.  Remember the aliens get faster every level.  My tactic is to move and shoot at the same time.  Good luck and shoot them into oblivion!
By Tasha

Space Invaders is a game where you are trying to survive an alien attack.  You are a spaceship which has three lives. Your mission is to kill as many aliens as possible. My tactic is to go under the shield and shoot them.
By Meikel

Pong is a game a bit like ping pong but on a computer.  You can control it by the keyboard (use M,K or the mouse).  What you need to do is hit the white ball with the long white paddles.  The way to win is to be the first to ten points.  My strategy is to try and bounce it off the sides.
By Angus

Pac man
Pacman is an addictive alien-based video game for all ages.  Gobble up all the small white dots whilst avoiding the ghosts, using the arrow keys to move greedy Pac.  Also there will be huge white dots to gulp, the funny little ghosts turn blue and the Pacman is able to eat them to score more points. Bump into a ghost and BOOM! Game over! However eat all the dots without losing all three lives and... take it away! You're on Level 2! Each level has a symbol.  For example level 1 is a strawberry.  These fruits will be hiding in the maze ready to boost your speed and give you more points.  I love this game because it's a constant rush! The background effects and music usher me onwards and soon, I'm obsessed with Pac Man!!
I think this game is excellent for winding the brain up into action as well as being addictive!! So I suggest you should try out this as it's really good!
By Irene

Asteriods is a game in which you are a spaceship that shoots asteriods to survive.  There are 3 different sizes of asteriods.  The big asteroids breaks into a medium one, which in turn breaks down into tiny ones. Your goal is to get as many points as possible.
By Michal

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