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Monday, 30 March 2015

Space Poetry

Y5C have been writing space poems.

An alien Abduction
I saw a UFO,
Way up high,
In the sky.
Was it my imagination?
Or God’s latest creation?
As quick as a flash,
It landed with a crash.
It was soooo much fun,
Seeing a UFO coming from the blazing sun.
But when aliens abducted me from town,
My smile transformed into a frown.
Where I was I didn’t know,
All I knew is I wanted to go.
They let me go home,
Because I started to moan.
I wondered if it was a dream,
As I ate my refreshing Ice-cream.
But then no word of a lie,
I noticed alien goo in my eye!

By Ellie

My alien school friend
One day I took an alien to school
He really played the fool
He did not like Maths
It was too big a task.
He was good at Art
He drew a custard tart
He was great at PE
He could climb a tree easily
When he did history
He thought it was a mystery
At the end of the day
I wanted to play
But he had gone home
So I was left alone
He blasted off to space
It was the last I saw his face!

By Tasha

Alien Raider
Once was a day,
When I was blown away,
When aliens came from space,
As I tied my shoelace.

They thought they were cool,
When they blew up the school.
They spilled drinks on the floor,
And banged down our door.

By Michal

I was playing on Mum’s iphone
Feeling very bored,
When someone started breaking
Into Dad's new Ford.
An alien banged on our door,
While I stood there watching in awe,
He saw me and took out his water gun,
And to my astonishment cried out “Let’s have some fun!”

By Jessica

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