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Thursday, 23 October 2014

World War Two experience

Yesterday Y6 went to 'Steam museum' in Swindon, dressed as children of 1939. We took our ration books as well as our identity cards. We took part in a workshop to experience what it was like to be an evacuee in the  war with the help of a billeting officer. It felt so real. 
After we had looked around the museum, the Air raid warning sounded and ARP 'Jerome' helped us safely into our shelter, where we sang songs and learnt how it felt to be in the dark with bombs falling all around. Did you know that, if there was an air raid, people had to stay in the shelters for 13 hours! It would have been very overcrowded, smelly and hot!
It was an amazing experience that helped us in our topic.  We really enjoyed it.

Emily,Bianca,Praise,Ashley, Daniel, Natalia and Erikan

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