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Sunday, 30 November 2014

McDonalds in Fishponds?

Y5C have been thinking about the proposed McDonalds restaurant which is set to be built on the old Bristol Tile site on Fishponds Road.  We wrote persuasive letters thinking about reasons for and against a McDonalds.

Below are two fantastic letters written by Jessica.

Dear Council Members,
                                        I am writing to complain about your crazy idea to build a McDonalds on Fishponds road.  Surely any right minded person would dismiss this idea.
     Think about all the litter spreading over the city. Can't you see all these fast food areas are making these people fat! Are you not fed up with all these fast food products?
      I mean who on earth will get to sleep on that road with all that noise if it is open 24 hours a day? Does the council care so little?  Schools are nearby so every child will be nagging their parents to go there!  Traffic, congestion and pollution will surround the road and how bad would that be? I've heard that there be an infestation of rats! Please listen to public opinion before it's too late!

Yours sincerely,
                          Jessica V

Dear Council Members, 
                                       I am writing to say how delighted I am about this McDonalds being built in the heart of Fishponds.  You see everyday as I stroll along Fishponds road I always feel a little peckish.  So with a McDonalds there I can just pop in and have a snack and drink!
      Think about all the jobs provided for people.  As it will be open 24 hours a day we can go there any time.  As a busy mum I also work in the night so I can eat somewhere without waking up my children.  Who would disagree to such an amazing idea?
      Think about all the parking spaces you could get with that drive through when McDonalds is built.  Congratulations again for your amazing decision!

Your sincerely,
                        Daisy James

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