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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Playing old computer games

Year 5 have explored early computer games as part of our project  'Space Invaders'.  We found out about the history of early computer games and enjoyed trying them out.  In Literacy we wrote explanations of how to play these games and wrote comments on what they were like.

 Space Invaders 
In Space Invaders you have to shoot the deadly aliens who are trying to kill you. You have four shields but the horrible aliens can break them. As a bonus, you can shoot the burgundy red mothership which is worth 300 points.  The aim of the game is to shoot down the aliens without losing all your lives.  If you complete this, you go onto the next level and so on.  However, there is a problem.  The more time you take to exterminate the aliens, the closer they get.  The game is very fun and easy to play.  Soon you will be addicted to Space Invaders and will be very frustrated when you lose.  The controls to move are the arrows and the spacebar. I like this game and give it a 10/10!
By Benjamin

In this game you have two paddles and a ball, with the aim being to get the ball past the other person’s paddle.  First to ten wins! I like this game as it is really simple. You can go on single player against the computer or two players with a friend. Against the computer you have three game mode types: beginner, intermediate and expert.
By Amber

Pac-man is a fun and addictive game where the yellow Pac-man has to eat all the small dots in order to complete the level.  However you can’t crash into the ghosts or you lose a life.  In total you have three lives but it gets harder in each level. In each level you can collect power ups like cherries, strawberries and these big dots which turn the aliens blue and you can eat them up.
By Dominic

Playing Asteroids

Mrs Petela kindly brought in an old game called Astro Wars which the children have been trying out during recent wet play times.

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