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Friday, 28 October 2016

Haunted house stories


Y5C have been writing Haunted house stories to coincide with their 'no place like home' topic. The class produced some fantastic descriptions.  Below are some samples.

“We need to get out of here!” wailed Summer, as there was a shot of thunder.  Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and I caught sight of an old, abandoned house. There, was an old crooked archway that had the words ‘Keep out or else,’ written in what seemed like blood. As we got closer, I noticed that the windows were smashed and roof tiles were missing. Not to mention the dragon statue that perched on the roof, its wings dusted with gold.

Slowly, I walked up the pebbly path leaving Summer behind me. Carefully I turned the door knob to reveal a dark gloomy passage with planks missing and walls stained red.  Quickly, Summer joined me and we looked at the news articles displayed on the walls. Looking closer, I noticed that they were all of the same man…Billy Carneto the number one criminal!
By Ruby

As the rain got heavier and heavier, me and my friend Alice had no choice but to take shelter in the old abandoned house. I began to shake in fear as I saw two identical demon statues, looking like they were about to pounce on us.  Then the lightning started to flash, so we ran in not noticing that there was a keep out sign or death awaits you written in thick black paint.  I was thinking that this was a one way ticket to hell.

While the door slowly opened, I felt dripping on my head.  I went to feel it and it was warm and very peculiar. I saw my hand and it was red!
By Cerys

As the trees crashed down like dominoes, I had no choice but to enter the gruesome place in front of me. The wind gushed around ripping off branches with ease and then the branches rolled down like bowling balls.  Looking around, I saw a whopping and unnatural sight directly in my landscape. A huge mansion stopped my tracks and it loomed over me as if I was a baby and everybody else was a giant. When I took my first steps towards this horror of a place, I felt agitated. Standing there, I could see two statues which seemed ready for their evening snack. I had no choice but to enter this wretched house.
By Liam

As I entered the ghostly house, I could see a picture of the last suspicious owners of the house. I was petrified as I put my shaking hands on the rails and took it off again. I glanced at it and it had a countless number of dead insects all over it. As I went up the eerie, creaky stairs, I examined a marking implanted in the walls saying “BEWARE” in capital letters.
By Sean

Slowly, we approached the living room. It was huge and had countless brown shelves. On the shelves was a plethora of antique, dusty books. Apart from one. That book was pristine and clean. It was spick and span. A cold spine-tingling shiver went down my back. I observed the room trying to tell myself nothing bad would happen. I stared at the brown plain walls. The wallpaper looked like it had been ripped off deliberately. Immediately, eerie music started playing. I looked around and found a radio. The music was coming from there.
By Anna

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