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Friday, 17 July 2015

A Message from Diocesan Director of Education for Year 6

Dear Children,

Whilst I thanked you for your tremendous performance on Tuesday of the Pirates of Penzance I also wished to formally write and thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend. 

It was lovely to receive a personal invitation from you all and to personally be greeted at the door when I arrived.

As I said on the night your performance was amazing and something you should all be very proud of.  It is clear that as you leave St Joseph's you have developed into very confident, talented pupils who I am sure will continue to develop even more as you move on to your next school.  As Director of Schools for Clifton and the Bishop's representative I am very proud of what opportunities St Joseph's Catholic school has provided you with and I know that the Bishop will also be as proud. I will be meeting him during the holidays and will take great pleasure in telling him about your performance.

Once again thank you for inviting me and all the best on the next stage of your journey.

Colleen Collett

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