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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Year Six contribution to New Parents Evening

Yesterday evening, some of the children in Year Six spoke to the parents of children coming to St Joseph's in September.  They were fantastic ambassadors for our school. These are their own words:

 Good Evening my name is Erikan,I will be talking about my memories in reception.
In reception,I was scared about my mum going and about the teachers but then I realised that I was around loving people and loving staff who cared about us. When your child is in reception they won't need you anymore because other children in their class and staff would take care of them. Also the year 6 will take care of the reception. Together in God's family we love,grow and learn.

Good Evening my name is Martyna and I'm going to talk about love. In school we treat others how we want to be treated. We show love through what we do,say and think. We have buddies who help the reception children to grow in confidence through their reception year. However we are really sad to leave them behind as we move on to our new schools.

Hello, my name is Kai and I would like to talk about growing at St. Joseph's. One definite thing about growing is that your child is not alone. We have to all grow together and leave no one out, as we want students to push forward. Our teachers are sympathetic and will make sure your child can grow at their own pace. If you are nervous, don't be. Everyone is in the same position. And if you are worried for your child, again, don't be!  We will do our best for you and your child, so reassure yourselves! By the time your for secondary school, they will have fully grown together. Thank you for listening.

Good evening,  my name is Summer and I will be talking about Learning.As a school our learning is important.Together we help others to learn in faith. If we are stuck there is always someone there to help. We are a welcoming school who help those in need. Your child will experience amazing things like friendship and exeptance. They will always have someone to talk to (Especially through our buddies) and will learn and enjoy learning.

Good evening , my name is Talia and I'm going to talk to you about faith in our school .
As a school we accept all kinds of faiths . If you are Catholic , Christian , Sikh, Islamic or anything else you are just as important as each other. However, we are a Catholic school, so we will teach your child about God in the Catholic  faith and everyday we do our best to follow the teachings of Jesus.. All of the children  here at St. Joseph's respect everyone and welcome all kinds of people. No child should feel left out here because  everyone is accepted no matter what religion you are. No one will judge you because you are from a different background as every child will love and care for you.
One child Is just as important as each other.
Thank you for listening to my speech and I hope your child has a great year in reception and an amazing time at St. Joseph's.

Good evening , I'm Poppy and Ill be talking about year six. 
Year six has been amazing because of the journey we've been on . The hard work turned out to help us a lot through SATS thanks to our teachers. All of us are buddies with reception children where we go to church , read , help and, most importantly, we make friends with them. We are also playground buddy' where we sort out problems in the playground. During year six we go on camp where we really realize how close we are to our fellow class members and have lots of fun. We also go to a place called Lifeskills where we have lots of fun exploring the dangers of everyday life. Year six has flown by and I'm so sad to be leaving. Year six has made me realize that st Joseph's isn't just a school, it's a family. I hope your child enjoys our school. Thank you for listening

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